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Dome Show

Venue: Akvárium, 4-5 June

The Utazó (Traveling) Planetárium will present the spectacular, full-dome documentary "Back To The Moon For Good" at Akvárium both in the original version, narrated by Tim Allen, and the Hungarian synchron, narrated by Oszkár Gáti. Schools must register at: event@designterminal.hu


4th June

For schools

V.I.P - Representatives of the Team Summit only

For everybody


5th June

For schools

For everybody

Back To The Moon For Good

Back To The Moon For Good is a fulldome planetarium show which presents the fascinating story of the first privately-funded competition to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon. The show includes basic lunar science, speculation about humanity's future on the Moon, and a glimpse at the endeavors of the international teams who are vying for the prize, to be won by 2015. learn more...