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Team Puli & Design Terminál welcomes the Google Lunar XPRIZE to Budapest!

We are happy to welcome Google Lunar XPRIZE, one of the world’s most significant technological competitions, who will hold their 2014 annual Team Summit in Budapest, Hungary, 4-6 June. The Team Summit is proudly hosted by Puli Space Technologies, the Hungarian competitor in partnership with Design Terminál.

Press Conference

The Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit 2014, Budapest will kick off with a press conference on 2014 June 3rd, 11:00 am, at Design Terminál. Media representatives are cordially invited to attend. For free registration, please email sajto@designterminal.hu. We plan to stream the press conference live over the Internet; details of how to access the live stream will be given on pulispace.com closer to the time. Interviews with representatives of the teams competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE can be scheduled after the press conference or during the Summit by contacting anita.heward@xprize.org.

Venue: Seat of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Club

The unique, exclusive Kodály Hall offers a magnificent view over the River Danube and its majestic atmosphere and design provide the right background for our prestigious event, while the spacious Vörösmarty Hall with the authentic atmosphere of English clubs will serve as an outstanding spot for informal meetings amongst the participants.

The 18 Participating Teams

The initial number of 29 contenders has narrowed down to 18 teams still in the race, including the Hungarian Puli Space Technologies. Representatives of the teams will arrive from more than a dozen countries to the meeting. The goal of the Team Summit is to provide an opportunity of the remaining teams to share their experiences and plans for the rest of the race.

Team SpaceIL Team SpaceIL Israel www.spaceil.com
Space IL Astrobotic USA www.astrobotic.com
Team Italia Team Italia Italy www.amalia-teamitalia.it
Moon Express Moon Express USA www.moonexpress.com
STELLAR STELLAR USA www.teamstellar.org
Independence-X Independence-X Malaysia independencex.wordpress.com
Omega Envoy Omega Envoy USA www.earthrise-space.org
Synergy Moon Synergy Moon International www.synergymoon.com
EUROLUNA Euroluna International www.euroluna.dk
White Label Space Hakuto Japan team-hakuto.jp
Part-Time-Scientists Part-Time-Scientists Germany ptscientists.com
Barcelona Moon Team Barcelona Moon Team Spain www.barcelonamoonteam.com
Team Puli Team Puli Hungary www.pulispace.com
SpaceMETA SpaceMETA Brazil spacemeta.com
Plan B Plan B Canada www.adobri.com
Penn State Lunar Lion Team Penn State Lunar Lion Team USA lunarlion.psu.edu
AngelicvM AngelicvM Chile www.teamangelicvm.cl
Team Indus Team Indus India blog.teamindus.in

Parallel events to the Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit

Alongside the Team Summit there will be a series of public events, including the "Google Lunar XPRIZE Rover Show" at Design Terminál, screenings of the spectacular, full-dome documentary "Back To The Moon For Good" at Akvárium by Utazó (Traveling) Planetárium, a round table discussion on 3D printing and space, and will be concluded by the TEDxBudapest Future 2.0 event at Akvárium. learn more...

About Google Lunar XPRIZE

The $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE is an unprecedented competition to challenge and inspire engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration. To win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a privately-funded team must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high definition video and images back to Earth. The first team to do so will claim a $20 million Grand Prize, while the second team will earn a $5 million Prize. Teams are also eligible to win a $1 million award for stimulating diversity in the field ofspace exploration and as much as $4 million in bonus prizes for accomplishing additional technical tasks such as moving ten times as far, surviving the frigid lunar night, or visiting the site of a previous lunar mission. learn more...

About Design Terminal

Design Terminal NCCI is the Hungarian state agency responsible for the stimulation of the creative industries, including design, fashion, urbanism and innovative technologies. Its mission is supporting the overall economic policy of the government of Hungary with state incentives, determining economic policy and country image opportunities inherent in the creative industry, and vindicating the Hungarian state’s strategic interests in the sectors affected. learn more...

Budapest 3D Printing Days

We are glad to point out that Design Terminál will host the Budapest 3D Printing Days event with the prominent members of the 3D-printing industry form Hungary and the surrounding countries in parallel with the Team Summit, between the 5th and 7th of June. learn more...